ocjcfinallogo1THERE WAS A PROPHECY

Jesus said, “I have other sheep that don’t belong to this fold. I must lead these also, and they will listen to my voice. So there will be one flock and one shepherd “ (John 10:16, KJV).

The OCJC claims this prophecy and mission. Now we are welcoming sheep and churches all over the world to join us pursuing this prophecy without asking for material or financial gains. Pastors and churches join just to help in realizing this prophecy through each one of us. Are you one us?


The Open Church of Jesus Christ is  founded in 2010 in Orange County, California  and due to requests of many pastors and churches, the church is now an umbrella organization for churches and ministers with no denominations in the different countries.


We see the Open Church of Jesus Christ as an umbrella organization for churches and ministers all over the world that provides leadership, finance, education, discipleship, outreach, and missions to many communities, cell groups and churches.


To spread God’s love through caring and meeting people’s needs using the modern technological media and networking with other Christian organizations.


1. To organize administrative organizations in each country for leadership, missions, outreach, education, and discipleship.

2. To organize churches into synods, areas, and conferences.

3. To elect and/ or appoint leaders in each synod (2-12 churches), areas (composed of at least 1 to  12 synods) and conferences (Synodical Conference, Area Conference and State/National Conference)

4. To help churches and ministers in their missions.

5. To support the Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction in its missions and ministries through finance and manpower.

6. To actively cooperate and participate in the denomination’s programs, projects and activities.

7. To build or acquire buildings or spaces  for the Open Church’s ministries.

8. To organize Cell Churches in each village, town or city.